While industry advancements expand the popularity of log homes, there are important criteria to consider when selecting your builder. For one, you’ll need an expert who recognizes quality building materials. You will also require a contractor with decades of experience specializing in log homes – ranging from custom building kits to modern timber frames.

As a division of Top Choice Painting & Log Restoration, Fazio Custom Homes excels in building, refinishing, or restoring cabins for full-time and seasonal residents in Northern Michigan.

Types of Log Homes

Timber Frame – With a modern appearance that typically employs accents and high ceilings, timber frame cabins require significant design work. Our architect, Mark Lipchik, will sit-down with you to forge your ideas into detailed blueprints.

Traditional Log – These are dwellings that you would likely envision when you think about ‘log homes’. This style uses rounded features with fewer embellishments. Traditional structures are usually appropriate for people budgeting carefully or searching for a second, seasonal home.

At Fazio Custom Homes – we only use premium materials and hand-scribed tapering techniques. By partnering with respected lumber yards in Canada, we proudly provide handcrafted log kits of the highest standards. Also, if you are looking for outdoor structures, we can provide wrap-around decking!

Benefits of Selecting Fazio Custom Homes

As licensed professionals – our reputation is attached to your satisfaction. That is why we personally inspect your lumber before a single log is placed. We also test moisture levels and look for damage that may have occurred during transportation.

Twisting, Warping & Cracking – Moist lumber expands, causing swelling and warping. This leads to separation between logs and cold drafts during the winter. Most importantly – it becomes a safety concern for you and your family. Conversely, wood that has dried too long in a kiln becomes cracked and unsightly.

Inconsistent Settling – With new (referred to as ‘green’) wood that has not been treated, your home could undergo dangerous shifting. If we find these types of logs during inspections, they are sent back to our suppliers and replaced with quality materials.

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