Our Mission At Fazio Custom Homes

Our mission is to create architecturally designed homes and provide detailed-oriented remodeling, building, or restoration services. This mission originated during our years of experience, as we saw competitors and other construction firms outsourced their design services. This fragmented approach could disrupt the exchange of ideas, resulting in mismanaged projects and poor craftsmanship.

We deliver in-house architecture services to our clients – so you can be confident that everyone is communicating effectively. This means that we set accurate expectations, timelines, and budgets for our residential building projects!

Building Principles for Residential Projects

Specializing in residential building in Northern Michigan, Fazio Custom Homes follows these core services and principles:

1. Securing First-Rate Property – With connections to local real estate professionals, we are able to help you find your ideal piece of property. Because we work, and live, in the area – we follow market trends and know how they may impact your decisions. Our understanding of how environmental factors affect homes also allows us to make recommendations regarding how your home should be situated on your lot.

2. Expert Architecture Consultation – Another element that sets us apart from competitors is our architectural expertise. We have seen what can happen when firms outsource that aspect of their projects. We do not make the same mistake. Our architect, Mark Lipchik, sits-down with you to discuss your personal tastes, as well as how we will achieve your goals. This conversation allows you to ask questions and brain-storm new ideas with our qualified team.

3. Accurate Sketching & Rendering – Once we have agreed on styles and the features of your home, we determine who will live in your home and how rooms will be used. Once those specifics are outlined, we move to the drawing phase. These blueprints will accurately convey every aspect of your project, so our construction experts know the intended purpose of each square foot.

4. Detail-Oriented Craftsmanship – The best plans will not come to fruition without the right materials, tools, and practical know-how. By employing professionals who are experienced in working with industry-leading resources, Fazio Custom Homes can accomplish your project on-time and within budget. And because of the open dialog during your initial planning, the likelihood of last-minute changes is decreased.

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